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The Vineyards Gallery

Average age of the vines: 20 years
Surface area of the property: 4,71 hectares
Number of parcels: 10 with an average surface of 0.5 hectares
Density of plantation: 4000 to 6000 vines per hectare
Pruning: short and balanced (Spur & Palmette)
Yields: between 4 and 5 tonnes/hectare

Farming culture: biodynamic (ref. Rudolph Steiner lectures on agriculture 1924).
Gathering and maceration of local herbs for phytotheraputic treatments.
Use of essential oils such as lavender (insect repellant) and rosemary (fungicide)
Minimal soil tilling and careful management of natural green cover to help re-establish natural equilibrium (flora & fauna).

Terrain Gallery

Soil influences: The soil of Gabian is rich and complex with a tumultuous geographic history. The sloping aspect is primoridial in order to produce fine and elegant wines in the South of France.
North facing slopes were purposefully chosen to guarantee the freshness of our wines.

There are five principle soil types in Gabian and each contributes a particular character to the wine:
- clay and limestone : firm tannins, beautiful acidity and resistance to drought.
- basalt : minerality and freshness.
- sandstone : depth and aromatic pungency.
- schist : freshness, equilibrium and purity of aromas.
- gravel : maturity and roundness.

Although small, our numerous parcels permit blending of complex and balanced wines. Bio-dynamics is the key to unlock and reveal the potential of each soil type.

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