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The Varieties
Sauvignon blanc: Dry, fresh, mineral. Particularly suited to the limestone of Gabian
Roussane: Round and full-bodied, characterised by aromas of exotic fruits and spices
Marsanne: Elegant et delicate. The wines are capable of long ageing in the bottle.
Grenache: Fruity, round and pungent. Aromas of red berries and spices.
Syrah: Freshness and tanins, deep coloured. Aromas of peppers and violet. Backbone of the best blends.
Mourvèdre: Soft tanins, fruit driven with aromas of tabacco and leather.

Picked at optimum ripeness.
Harvested by hand and first sorted in the vineyard.
Picked between 6am and 11am to avoid the high daytime temperatures.
Grapes are processed in the cellar for the rest of the day.
The second and most important selection is achieved on the sorting table to discard any damaged grapes.
The use of sulphur is limited and restrained until just before bottling.
Natural yeasts are used and no oenological products.
Aged on lees and stirred post fermentation.

The White Wines
Whole bunch pneumatic pressing and soft extraction.
Cold settling at 9ºC for 24 hours.
Wild yeast fermentation in stainless steel tank or oak barrels (warm temperatures).
Stirring post fermentation and ageing on lees until the spring.
Filtration and bottling before the summer.
The Rose wines
Bleeding of grenache and syrah up to 20% of the initial tank.
Cold settling identical to the white wines.
Wild yeast fermentation in stainless steel tank at 19ºC
Filtration and bottling before the summer.
The Red Wines
De-stemming and partial crushing of the grapes.
Long skin contact (5 weeks).
Manual pressing during active fermentation.
Wild yeast fermenation, temperature 28-30ºC
Malolactic fermentation in barrels.
Ageing on fine lees for 12 months.
Racking by gravity and bottled without filtration.

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